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Audi Wexford Leads in Sustainability with goTozero Retail Silver Certification

Audi Wexford has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first retail partner in Ireland to receive the coveted Volkswagen Group goTozero RETAIL certificate, attaining a commendable Silver certification. This accolade underscores Audi's unwavering commitment to sustainability and marks a pivotal step towards reducing the environmental impact of its distribution network. Under the guidance of Damien O’Sullivan, Brand Director at Audi Ireland, this achievement sets a high standard for environmental stewardship within the automotive industry.
Audi Wexford

The certification process, meticulously designed, scrutinizes various criteria spanning climate change, resources, environmental compliance, and ecosystems. This thorough evaluation ensures adherence to stringent sustainability standards, fostering environmentally responsible practices at every level of dealership operations. From the efficient utilization of resources to fostering biodiversity in outdoor facilities, every aspect is meticulously assessed to meet the rigorous certification requirements. Furthermore, retailers undergo a comprehensive evaluation process, culminating in certifications ranging from Bronze to Platinum, each valid for three years. As Audi continues its journey towards net carbon neutrality by 2050, initiatives like goTozero RETAIL reaffirm its commitment to driving positive change and shaping a more sustainable future, setting a commendable benchmark for the automotive industry as a whole.