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23rd March 2021

Q4 e-tron Reservation Process Frequently Asked Questions

Q4 e-tron

Under what circumstances and when do I get my deposit refunded?

a. Once a confirmed order is received in the system
b. If you are provided access to the priority ordering window and fail to place an order after 2 weeks
c. If we Audi Ireland cannot supply Q4 e-trons due to excessive customer demand and or limited supply

You can request a refund online at any time and without question by contacting your local dealer.

Q4 e-tron

If I pay a reservation deposit online am I guaranteed an Q4 e-tron?

Not necessarily. The reservation provides access to the priority ordering window. If there are significant quantities of reservations received in advance, there may not be sufficient stock of Q4 e-tron to supply every customer. In addition, the customer and the dealer need to reach agreement regarding the order.

Q4 e-tron

If I place an online reservation and subsequently an order with my dealer; when will I receive my Q4 e-tron?

Earliest customer orders will be delivered in June 2021.

We endeavour to supply all customers with an Q4 e-tron in 2021 but this cannot be guaranteed.

Once your order is placed your dealer is best placed to advise on delivery times.

Q4 e-tron

I have selected a dealer on the online reservation system and would like to change to an alternative dealer. Is this possible?

No. Please give careful consideration to your preferred dealer as this cannot be changed once your reservation has been received.

Q4 e-tron

How long does the customer/dealer have to reach agreement on an order?

The customer and dealer have 2 weeks to reach an agreement. The dealer must place an order on your behalf in the ordering system within this 2 week ordering window.

Q4 e-tron

I want to pay a deposit directly to my dealer and not via the online process

Your down payment of €950 will be paid directly to your dealer, at no point will Audi Ireland manage your deposit.

Q4 e-tron

What happens if I request a refund prior to an order being placed?

Once a deposit is returned, access to the priority ordering window has been withdrawn and you can no longer order an Q4 e-tron within this window.

Q4 e-tron

Is there any other restrictions regarding Q4 e-tron Orders?

Yes. Only one Q4 e-tron can be ordered per person/household/credit card.

Q4 e-tron

Can fleet customers order Q4 e-tron and is there any preferable treatment for Fleet Buyers?

The same terms and conditions apply to Fleet Buyers.

Q4 e-tron

Can I register the vehicle to a different name and/or address to the details I provided on the online reservation form?

It is a requirement for the customer name and address details entered in the reservation system to match the registration information. Therefore please give careful consideration to the information you provide in the reservation system.

Q4 e-tron

What will the PCP finance rate be on Q4 e-tron?

The finance rate for Q4 e-tron has not yet been determined but will be communicated.