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Stories of Progress

For Audi, the future is an attitude. It is about enabling innovation, boldly driving progress to change the world of mobility. Experience how Audi is already shaping this future in various topics: from Technology and Design to Sustainability and Lifestyle. Let yourself be inspired by our Stories of Progress.

Audi RS e-tron GT in the wind tunnel.


Progress through technology. Progressive technology and passionate creativity drive fascinating vehicles and solutions for the here and now. Discover why innovations are the key to success.

Interior of the Audi grandsphere concept.


Audi is shaping innovative visions and concepts for an exciting future. Nowhere is this more tangible than in the brand’s concept vehicles*. These stories bring you a little closer to the life of tomorrow.

César Muntada behind light reflections.


Ideal design that gives the functionality of the interior and exterior a breath-taking and emotional aesthetics: Audi does not only create exciting designs, but spaces for experiences as well. Discover how Audi is shaping the future.

Sunlight flashing through the fingers of a hand.


Audi is consistently acting sustainably – out of deep conviction. Learn more about how Audi is both shaping the transformation to clean mobility and providing impetus for social change.

Exhibition space of the collector Christian Boros.


Inspiration inspires creativity: Extraordinary things happen when you question boundaries, dare something new and turn it into reality. Find out what drives people in sports, art and music.

Audi RS Q e-tron driving over a sand dune.

Audi Sport

Inspired by challenges: From Neuburg an der Donau to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, from legendary circuits to exotic rally tracks, from quattro to e-tron – experience the fascination of motorsports with Audi Sport*.


Upcoming events

Design Shanghai

It is one of the most prestigious international design events in the world, the leading design event in Asia, and an important forum for Audi: Design Shanghai demonstrates through exhibitions, panels, and discussions how Eastern and Western design philosophies can work synergistically together.

19 June 2024


Festival of Speed

The "Festival of Speed" describes itself as a summer garden party of motorsports. Here, you can experience automotive culture, history, and fascination in a stylish way like hardly anywhere else. Audi is a regular guest at Goodwood House and presents highlights from the past and present.

11 July 2024 - 14 July 2024


Salzburg Festival

The mixture of tradition, highest ambitions, and creative visions makes the Salzburg Festival unique. As the main sponsor, Audi actively contributes to ensuring that the festival offers artistic excellence of world-class. In addition, the Salzburg Festival is a guest at the Audi Summer Concerts in Ingolstadt with an annual performance.

19 July 2024 - 31 August 2024


Greentech Festival London

04 September 2024 - 05 September 2024