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Audi Health Check

Audi Health Check

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Audi Health Check

Our Audi Technicians can perform a free safety inspection on your car. Each area will be given a rating of red, amber or green, indicating any actions needed and how urgent they are.

Your local Audi Centre will be able to give you more information about the free health check.

What we inspect
Interior lights
Seatbelt operation
Glass and mirrors
External lights
Wiper blades/Windscreen washers
Under bonnet
Fluid levels
Drive belts
Battery condition
Brakes & suspension
Brake pads
Brake discs
Brake hoses
Shocks and springs
Drive shafts
Exhaust system
General fluid leaks
Tyre tread depth
Tyre pressures and condition
Audi Service


Red Item
Requires immediate attention. Your Audi Centre will advise accordingly.

Item may require replacement in the near future. Your Audi Centre will advise of a suitable follow up date and contact you at the appropriate time.

Your Audi is performing at its best. No repairs are required to your vehicle.

Audi Service

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