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Audi connect

The world has become increasingly connect and so has Audi. Audi connect creates a seamless connection between your car and the internet. It acts as your onboard source of information on news, traffic, weather and directions. It includes search functionality, social media integration and Wi-Fi. Once you have experienced all of the benefits of Audi connect, you will never want to get behind the wheel without it.

Digital and networked.

The car of tomorrow can do more than just drive, it is connected to the digital world. Audi is continuously expanding its connect services in all models. In addition to navigation and infotainment, Audi connect Emergency Call and Service, including vehicle control and e-tron services, are offered. This makes your drive even more relaxed, more flexible and safer.

Highlights connect services

  • Online traffic information
  • Destination entry via myAudi
  • Online map updates
Any further information
  • myRoute
  • myRoadmusic
  • myNetwork
  • myService
  • myInfo
  • myCarmanager
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    Discover the Audi connect models

    All current Audi models are available with connect services. However the level of these services varies depending on the model. Take a look through the Audi connect pages to find which services are available across the range.

    All models
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    Explore Audi connect services

    Audi already offers more than 30 connect services across the model range with more being added.

    Take a look now
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    Register for myAudi

    Once you register for myAudi, you can manage and personalise your connect services through myAudi or the Audi MMI connect app on your smartphone.

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