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Environmental Mission Statement

VGIE Environmental Mission Statement

The Volkswagen Group develops, produces and distributes motor vehicles worldwide, and has committed itself to
becoming a leading provider of sustainable mobility. Our organisation commits itself to the continual improvement
of the environmental compatibility of its products, its facilities and its services. Our Environmental compatibility
centralises around the improvement of resources and the efficient use of energy consumption. This includes
looking to low Co2 energy sources, the improvement of energy efficiency and the minimisation of pollutants. These
central aspects are considered in this environmental policy. Volkswagen Group Ireland Limited (VGIE) is a partner
for society and the environment. It is motivated to shape a socially and environmentally sustainable, positive
environmental approach.

The “TOGETHER – Strategy 2025” depicts the vision of the Volkswagen Group evolving into a world-leading
provider of sustainable mobility. In addition, the Volkswagen Group has particularly set itself the target of being a
role model when it comes to environment. Through its Environment and Energy Management Policy, VGIE ensures
that the environmental compatibility of its products, services and buildings are subjected to a continual
improvement process, together with its suppliers, contractors, business partners and waste disposal companies.
Energy efficiency and consistent energy savings are supported with targets and tracked. VGIE, therefore, aligns
itself to the following principles:

1. Environmental protection at VGIE covers the entire lifecycle according to ISO14001 and regards
environmental protection to water, soil, air and resources, along with the eco-design of their vehicles in
accordance with ISO14006

2. The VGIE Environmental Committee monitors, according to the Group Policy Environment (KRL 17), the
obligation to operate environmentally relevant facilities, to implement environmental management
systems, and regularly checks the effectiveness of the management systems. VGIE ensures by internal
regulations that the necessary information regarding environment and energy management is available,
as well as the vital means for the continuity of the management system

3. The VGIE Board of Management regularly checks the compliance with this Environmental Policy and the
attainment of the environment and energy targets. The Environmental Policy will be regularly verified
and updated if required

4. VGIE commits itself with the continual improvement of energy-related performance

5. VGIE ensures that all its employees are informed, qualified and motivated to environment and energy
management, in accordance with their tasks, fostering their participation

6. Transparent and credible information, as well as the open dialogue with our stakeholders, are a matter
of course for VGIE

7. VGIE, as a responsible member of society, works proactively with the representatives of political and
public authorities at all levels, embracing social actions

Volkswagen Group Ireland Ltd.
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W.S. Specht (Chairman)
C. Wentzel (Managing)
J. Sehm (German)
H. Lammerding (German)

Registered in Dublin
No. 436954

Registered Office:
Block C
Liffey Valley Office Campus
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