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In-car Infotainment features

Connect Infotainment takes in-car entertainment, information and comfort to a new level. Your car connects to the internet to access a range of helpful features which also link to your myAudi app. Explore some of these features below*.

  • poitns_of_innterest.jpg
    Points of Interest (POI) search

    Points of Interest (POI) search with voice control allows you to search with your voice to find information such as opening hours, visitor reviews and photos

  • myaudi_app.jpg
    myAudi app

    Using the myAudi app you can conveniently plan your journey from your smartphone and send the destination details straight to your car’s navigation system

  • parking_info1.jpg
    Parking information

    Parking information can suggest parking locations as you approach your destination, and even tell you live availability and prices

  • fuel_prices1.jpg
    Information on Fuel Prices

    Information on Fuel Prices allows you to find filling stations in your location and compare the price before making the trip, allowing you to save at the pumps

  • weather_info1.jpg
    Weather information

    Weather information gives you the latest weather for today as well as forecasts for your location and destination

How do I start using Audi Connect Infotainment?

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Features vary by model, not all features highlighted are available for all models. The information on this page relates to new cars only. For more information please speak to your local Audi Centre.