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fuctions on demand: So individuell wie Ihr leben

Functions on Demand

Functions on Demand –
as flexible as your life

Always the perfect vehicle – for all phases of your life: with Functions on Demand you have the opportunity to react flexibly to changing needs by adding additional optional extras. Functions on Demand allows you to purchase selected features simply and easily after purchasing a vehicle via the myAudi. The booked features are immediately available after restarting the vehicle. How to make your Audi as flexible as your life.

Experience innovation – your benefits

Functions on Demand


Simply book features and be inspired by new technologies.

Flexible terms


The right functions at the right time – choose the contract duration that suits your needs.

Booking via the myAudi app


Clear and fast booking via the myAudi and available immediately after purchase.

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An overview of Functions on Demand

With Functions on Demand, you have numerous functions at your disposal, which you can book at any time according to your needs. The selected functions can be obtained easily and quickly via myAudi. Check now which equipment is available on demand for your Audi.

Check vehicle-specific availability
Currently, Functions on Demand are available for the Audi A3 (from MJ 2021), Audi A4 (from MY 2020), Audi A5 (from MY 2020), Audi A6 (from MY 2021), Audi A7 (from MY 2021), Audi Q4 e-tron (MY 2023), Audi Q5 (from MY 2021), Audi Q7 (from MY 2021), Audi Q8 (from MY 2021), Audi e-tron Q8/Audi e-tron (from MY 2020) and the Audi e-tron GT (from MY2022).
Flexible contract durations for individual needs

For spontaneous

1* or 6


For planners

1 or 3


For the determined



The function can be booked once for the vehicle.

Functions on Demand at a glance*

Equipment from the areas of infotainment, driver assistance, lighting technologies and air conditioning is available for the subsequent activation of functions in your vehicle. You can book the following equipment via the myAudi shop.

  • 883x496_audi-smartphone-interface.jpg
    Audi smartphone interface¹

    If you also want to stay up-to-date while driving and have access to the applications of your smartphone – with Functions on Demand, you can easily book the Audi smartphone interface¹ even after you have purchased your Audi and select the desired timeframe. So you can keep your eyes on the road while driving and still use your usual smartphone environment.

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  • 1920x1080_A_E-TRON_D_181008_1.jpg
    MMI navigation plus incl. MMI touch

    Are you planning a city trip and don't know it all that well yet? Before you lose any precious time taking unfamiliar routes, the Navi leads you straight to the desired destination. But where do you get a navigation device on the fly? This is no longer a problem with Functions on Demand. Simply add the desired MMI navigation plus equipment with MMI touch including Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment via the myAudi app and you're ready to go.

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  • 883x496_A1711325_large(1).jpg
    Digital audio broadcasting (DAB)

    Who hasn't experienced this: you have your favourite radio station, but on a long drive you'll eventually leave the reception area. Or you drive through a tunnel and the reception breaks off right in the middle of your favourite song. With Functions on Demand, that’s a thing of the past:
    Simply book the subsequently bookable equipment Digital Radio Reception (DAB) via the myAudi App and shortly afterwards you can enjoy the ride in your Audi with your favourite radio station².

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light technology

  • 1920x1080_Q8e_2022_4399.jpg
    Matrix LED package

    Have you chosen a proven light feature when purchasing your e-tron and would like to try out a new technology, as you're now more likely to travel long-distance on the motorway or country roads? No problem: functions on demand gives you the opportunity to try out technologies such as the Matrix LED package³.

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  • 883x496_A_E-TRON_181042.jpg
    Light function package

    Are you planning a longer night trip and would like to have your vehicle illuminate the road in a way that's optimally suited to your needs?
    Simply book the light function package for the required period of time via the myAudi app and benefit, among other things, from better night vision by adapting the light to the road conditions.

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  • 1920_1080_RSeGT_2021_2357_02.jpg
    Main beam assist³

    Do you always want to keep an eye on everything, even during your night trips? When driving at night, Main beam assist³ takes over the routine task of turning the main beam on and off. The main beam is automatically switched on and off depending on the situation, which improves the driver's view and ensures additional comfort.

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driver assistance systems

  • FOD_883x496_0000s_0000_Geschwindigkeit.jpg
    Adaptive cruise control³

    The adaptive cruise control³ helps you maintain a constant speed and the necessary distance from the vehicle ahead while driving in your Audi. Simply select the desired term and book the assistant for your Audi via myAudi – including retrospectively.

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  • 1920x1080_a3_2020_0606_3.jpg
    Camera-based traffic sign recognition³،⁴

    For those who want to keep track of traffic signs while driving – with Functions on Demand, you can also purchase traffic sign recognition³،⁴ for a selected period of time via myAudi after purchasing a vehicle.

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  • 883x496_A_E-TRON_D_181010_1.jpg
    Park assist plus³

    Are you in a foreign city and having difficulties finding a parking space? Either the parking space is too small or it's an entrance that shouldn't be blocked. Are you moving farther and farther away from your destination? Thanks to Functions on Demand you won't lose your nerve in such situations. It's easy, quick and simple to book the park assist plus³ function and display the available parking solutions along the street. So you can relax and head off on your next city trip.

    Try out 1 month now for just 1 euro
    Discover the Functions on Demand features now

Air conditioning

Available equipment may vary depending on the vehicle model. Please log in to myAudi to check the individual availability for your Audi.

In a few steps to your features

Are you interested in Functions on Demand features? You can purchase these quickly and easily in just a few steps via the myAudi app⁵: If your vehicle is capable of functions on demand, the functions on demand shop will automatically be displayed in the myAudi app. How it works:

At the first booking, e.g. activation of the 1-euro test month, payment and billing data must be deposited for the first time.

Audi connect networks your vehicle with your everyday life
  • 883x496_AA6_D_181039_bearbeitet_V1.jpg
    Step 1

    Registration with myAudi with a verified myAudi account as the main or secondary user.

    Instructions for registration in myAudi
  • 889x496_audi_connect1_0371-1_NEU2.jpg
    Step 2

    Add a vehicle with Functions on Demand capability via the FIN.

  • 883x496_A_E-TRON_D_181009.jpg
    Step 3

    From the next time the car is started, the function is active and can be used.

Check availability

  • 844x475_A_E-TRON_D_191010.jpg
    Functions on Demand in the myAudi app

    With the myAudi app⁵, you have the possibility of flexibly and straightforwardly selecting the various Functions on Demand – even after the vehicle has been purchased! Enjoy your new freedom and book the necessary features for your vehicle easily and from anywhere via the myAudi app.

    Download the myAudi App now

Frequently asked questions


Is my dream vehicle capable of Functions on Demand?
The availability of Functions on Demand depends on the model – the models that currently enable Functions on Demand can be found at
What hardware or software do I need for Functions on Demand to be able to work in my vehicle?
For vehicles that have Functions on Demand capability, the necessary hardware and software are already built into the vehicle as standard.
How can I be sure that the selected features will work in my vehicle?
Before purchasing, the functionality of the selected features is checked over the air.


Can I choose between different terms?
You can choose between different terms that suit your individual needs. Choose between 1 or 6 months, 1 or 3 years, or permanent activation of the offer.
Can I extend the term for my features booked via Functions on Demand?
You can book the same Functions on Demand features again (in the sense of a renewal) via the myAudi app⁵.
› 10 days before the existing booking expires (if the existing booking has a term of ≤ 12 months)
› 20 days before the existing booking expires (if the existing booking has a term of > 12 months)
Can I try out the features before buying them?
You have the option of booking a test month. Each function can be tested once per nominated main user for 1 euro for one month. This can be done for max. 2 main users per year and vehicle. You can renew the offer during this month already.
How does booking equipment via Functions on Demand work?
You have the option of booking a 1-month trial. Each nominated key user can test each function once, for a trial period of one month and at a cost of 1 Euro. This is restricted to a maximum of two key users per year and vehicle. During this first month you will already be able to extend your booking of the function.
The 1-month trial can only be activated within the first six months after the key users have been nominated.

Booking and activation

How can I book features via Functions on Demand?
You can currently only book additional features with Functions on Demand via the myAudi app.
How do I activate the features I have booked using Functions on Demand?
The features you have booked via Functions on Demand are activated "over the air" after booking.

Prerequisite: the vehicle must be online in order for your features to be activated (vehicle must have mobile network reception, privacy mode must not be activated). Once the booking is complete, your vehicle will need to be restarted.
How long does it take to provide the additional features?
As a rule, the features are activated in the vehicle promptly after purchase (within minutes). In individual cases, activation may take a little longer (1–2 hours).
The function will be fully available to you in your Audi the next time you start the vehicle.
How and where can I check whether my Functions on Demand booking was successful?
1) myAudi App: Account Settings >> Orders
2) In the vehicle MMI: the booked function is visible in the "Purchases" tile
Prerequisite: your vehicle must be online and the ignition must be restarted. Notification of the download for the function activation is provided in the MMI. The function can then be seen in the "Purchases" tile.

Where can I see the features I have booked via Functions on Demand?
You can view the features you have booked via Functions on Demand in the myAudi app under Account Settings >> Orders >> Purchases in the vehicle MMI.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Are the features booked via Functions on Demand linked to the myAudi user or to the vehicle?
The booked Functions on Demand features are always linked to the individual vehicle identification number (VIN) and not to the myAudi user.
Does a change to the main Audi connect user have an impact on the Functions on Demand bookings and their terms?
Any change to the main Audi connect user will not affect an active Functions on Demand booking or its term.
I want to sell my vehicle. What happens to my active Functions on Demand bookings if I sell my vehicle?
Functions on Demand features are booked for the vehicle, i.e., they are linked to the individual vehicle identification number (VIN) for the duration of the term. When a vehicle is sold, the booked functions and remaining terms remain in the vehicle and can be sold with it.

Technical problems

Where can I find help in the event of technical problems with the features I booked using Functions on Demand?
In the event of technical problems, please contact Audi customer support

Customer care
Postfach 10 04 57
85045 Ingolstadt

Phone: 0800 - Audi Service (0800 - 28 347 378 423)
Fax: 0800 - Fax to Audi (0800 - 329 262 834)

Right to cancellation

Do I have a right to cancellation?
When purchasing Functions on Demand features, you have a statutory 14-day right to cancellation.

Payment and invoicing

How are the features I have booked via Functions on Demand billed?
You will receive a separate invoice for each feature booked via Functions on Demand.
What is the VAT rate when purchasing features via Functions on Demand?
The amount of VAT corresponds to the VAT rate in the country that you specified in your billing address.
The availability of functions on demand is model-specific. You can find the range for your individual model in the functions on demand shop in myAudi. Further information can be found on this website or obtained from your Audi partner.
Please contact your Audi partner or visit for information on compatible mobile phones.
Reception depends on digital network availability.
Please note: The systems work only within system limits and provide assistance while driving. However, the driver remains responsible for driving the vehicle and is required to be attentive at all times.
Camera-based traffic sign recognition is available only in conjunction with MMI navigation plus with MMI touch.
The current compatibility of the iOS/Android operating system can be found in the description of the myAudi app in the relevant App Store. Prior registration at is required.