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Audi Twin Cup World Finals

Team spirit, passion, and outstanding performance took center stage at this year’s Audi Twin Cup world finals. The Audi Twin Cup is the global competition for excellent customer service. This year marked the first time that teams from Sales joined the traditional lineup of After Sales teams. Audi partners from 26 markets took part in the Audi Twin Cup 2023. Teams qualified for the finals at the Audi Campus in Munich through a series of competition rounds.
Driving Progress

Until this year, the Audi Twin Cup stood for competition in the two After Sales categories Service and Technology. The event name now represents two business divisions that Audi customers experience daily: Sales and After Sales. Sales, in the categories of Used and New Cars, was included in the competition for the first time alongside the After Sales teams.

Hildegard Wortmann, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at Audi, congratulated the participants on their performance: “During the last two days of the Audi Twin Cup, both the After Sales and Sales teams demonstrated what customer enthusiasm means at Audi: teamwork throughout the entire customer journey, to create the best customer experience!”

At the two-day event, the teams showed off their wide-ranging know-how and technical skills in addition to demonstrating their first-class abilities in Sales and After Sales.

26 markets participated in the Audi Twin Cup 2023, 20 in both the Sales and After Sales categories and six in After Sales alone. In the run-up, 7,456 teams had taken part in the national qualification rounds, 2,593 in Sales and 4,863 in After Sales.

Driving Progress

Even closer cooperation between Sales and After Sales

Bianca Halbig, Head of Qualification Brand/Retail/Importer at AUDI AG: “The Audi Twin Cup is widely accepted and has been for a long time. As a largely intrinsic international qualification program, it demonstrates what makes us tick at Audi: People make the brand! For the first time in the history of the Audi Twin Cup, Sales and After Sales are competing together. The individual people from the Sales and After Sales teams make our fantastic customer journey possible – every day, together! By celebrating with them, we want to give them the recognition they deserve while we get to experience their teamwork. The best deserves the best!”

Ingolf Lange, Head of Qualification Product at AUDI AG: “After a year of intense preparations by each team, I am delighted with these fantastic results. Because they prove that we are on the right track with our new approach. Just like in the real world, this year’s finalists have shown that working together on the perfect solution leads to perfect performance!”

With one finale over, the next is just beginning: The Audi Twin Cup will take place again next year. The national qualification rounds for the Audi Twin Cup 2024 have already started. The best teams from around the world will again compete at the Audi Campus in Munich to see who is the best.
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