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e-tron in everyday life.

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e-tron in everyday life.

The incredible acceleration. The almost silent drive. The great feeling of driving locally without CO2 emissions. If you've ever experienced an electric car or driven electrically with a plug-in hybrid, you know how fascinating electric mobility is. However, e-tron not only means driving enjoyment thanks to the electric drive, but also unrestricted suitability for everyday use. A trouble-free everyday life with an electric car or plug-in hybrid means first and foremost problem-free charging.

  • What do I need to charge my vehicle at home?

    The majority of electric cars and plug-in hybrids are charged at home, in your own garage or carport. No wonder, because the vehicle is safely parked here and can be left overnight to charge. The usable charging capacity depends not only on the vehicle and the charging equipment used, but also on the individual house infrastructure or house connection. Depending on the requirements, Audi offers powerful and compact charging systems for such cases.

  • What do I do if my house has a particularly low connected charge and...

    ... I still want to recharge my car as quickly as possible? Audi sells the charging system connect¹ for this purpose. Using an integrated interface for the compatible Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS), the system adjusts charging power when other consumers in the home are switched on or off. This avoids an overload which can lead to a blackout. This increases the average charging capacity and reduces the charging time depending on local conditions, such as available grid connection capacity and domestic auxiliary consumers.

  • How is my household protected against overload when charging?

    In principle, all Audi charging equipment only uses the charging power that can be provided by the socket. Overloading the socket is thus avoided. The additional overload protection available with the connect¹ charging system in conjunction with a compatible Home Energy Management System (HEMS) provides targeted control for current loads, including for low house connection lines.

  • Where can I charge on the road?

    If you cannot charge your electric car or plug-in hybrid at home or want to charge your battery on the road, you can conveniently use one of the public charging stations, for example while you are out doing errands. TheAudi Charging Service² provides uniform access to one of the largest public charging networks in Europe. You can at public charging across Ireland and Europe accounting for over 400,000 public charging points in 27 European countries. On longer journeys, Audi customers throughout Europe can also charge up to 150 kW at the high-power charging stations in the Ionity network with Audi Charging Service² under special conditions.

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  • Does my vehicle charge with AC or DC power?

    The abbreviations "AC" and "DC" are often used when talking about electric car or plug-in hybrid charging. "AC" stands for alternating current and "DC" for direct current. Household sockets, industrial sockets, and wall boxes typically supply alternating current. However, batteries like those found in electric cars and plug-in hybrids can only store direct current. Thus, the charger must convert the alternating current into direct current for the battery cells. This converter is installed in all electric Audi vehicles. During daily use, you will not even notice the difference between alternating current and direct current - converting the current happens automatically in your car. In order to achieve particularly high charging performances, some charging stations have already integrated a very high-capacity AC/DC converter. They are called DC charging stations and can usually be found in public areas. These higher charging capacities make it possible to charge electric cars even faster.

  • e-tron Service Plan

    Fewer moving parts mean that Audi e-tron models are cheaper and easier to maintain than a conventional car. For added confidence, we have packaged the major service milestones together as part of a service plan bespoke to fully electric e-tron models. The e-tron Service Plan is included in your purchase of a new e-tron model with your local Audi dealer and services can be redeemed at any Audi dealer across the Republic of Ireland.

    The e-tron Service Plan covers 2 services over 4 years or 60,000kms, whichever comes first, plus the most required maintenance items such as safety inspections and wiper replacement. There is also the option to add tyre replacement to your plan. Talk to your local Audi dealer about your e-tron Service Plan.

    For further peace of mind, the Audi e-tron warranty protects your car for up to 3 years after purchase and is complimented by the e-tron battery warranty that covers the most vital component of your e-tron for up to 8 years, or 160,000km, whichever comes sooner.

    » 2 x Services with inspection (every 30,000kms)

    » 4 x Wiper replacements (1 per year)

    » 4 x Safety Checks (1 per year)

    » 1 x Set of Tyres (Optional extra)

    » e-Tron expert technicians and specialist tooling.

    » Genuine Audi parts guaranteed, always.

    » 3 year e-tron warranty.

    » Battery warranty for 8 years or 160,000km, whichever comes first.

¹ The Audi charging system connect will be available in 2019. The functions "blackout protection" and "solar power use" require coupling with a compatible home energy management system. This is not offered by AUDI AG and is not part of the scope of delivery. AUDI AG, with a view to guaranteeing full compatibility, works together with the two leading providers of home energy management systems, namely Hager Group and SMA Solar Technology.

² Access and network: The number of accessible charging points through the Audi Charging Service is continuously growing.  The Audi Charging Service can only be used by Audi customers (it requires a vehicle identification number). Europe-wide access: The Audi Charging Service is available in 27 European countries, a provision for further countries being at the planning stage. Prices of the Audi Charging Service are country-specific. The number of charging points provided is country-specific and depends on the degree of development of the available infrastructure. There is no claim to be able to access a charging point everywhere in a country. Audi AG does not guarantee the operation and availability of the charging infrastructure. The location information about the number of charging points is updated regularly, there being no claim to completeness. The Audi Charging Card can only be used in the entire network 24 hours after card activation. Within the first 24 hours,  the card can be used if necessary with local restrictions. Authentication via myAudi App (QR code on the charging point) requires an active radio and Internet connection. This authentication method is not available at all charging points.