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How do I set up Automatic Service Reminder?

Keeping life simple with Automatic Service Reminders

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What is Automatic Service Reminder?

With Audi Connect's Automatic Service Reminder you'll never miss a service appointment again. Your car can automatically send vehicle and service data to your preferred Audi Centre so they can conveniently organise your service for you. If you haven't selected your Audi Centre yet, then you can search for one easily through the app.

For step by step instructions on setting up Automatic Service Reminder and selecting your Audi centre, please see below:
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    On the myAudi home screen, scroll down to Service Topics

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    Select “Search for Audi Partner”

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    Search by City or Postcode and select your preferred Centre, and click Save Audi Partner

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    Scroll down to Automatic Service Reminder

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    Follow the instructions and agree to the privacy policy

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    Click “Activate service”