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How do I connect my car?
  • The process to connect your Audi to your myAudi app will differ depending on the model and age of your car. The links below will take you to simple step by step guides to lead you through the process of connecting. Please select the link below your model to take you to the correct instructions based on whether your Audi's MMI screen is touch sensitive or not.

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What is a Connect license?
  • A Connect licence enables you to access multiple online services from your vehicle such as Online Traffic Information, Weather and News. Your Audi may already have an active Connect licence, you can check this in your vehicle's MMI using these instructions here.

    If your licence has expired, you can purchase an extension for a month or a year through your myAudi app. For more details please see "How do I renew my Connect license?".

How long is left on my Connect license?
  • Your car will notify you automatically when your Connect licence is due for renewal, displaying a message in the MMI a few days before. You can also check the date of your licence expiry yourself by following these steps:

    · If you have a touchscreen MMI, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘General’, then ‘Licence periods’
    · If you have a non-touchscreen MMI, go to ‘Audi Connect’, then press the right bracket or click the wheel to the right, then select ‘Licence periods’

How do I renew my Connect license?
  • In your myAudi app, scroll down to Functions on Demand and tap Go To Shop. The available licences will be shown along with the features which they will unlock on your car. Depending on the model and age of your Audi, you may be able to purchase multiple licences giving you access to multiple features. Licences are available for one month or for one year.

Where do I find my VIN number?
  • A VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a 17 digit code that is unique to a specific car. For example, it might start WAUZZZ. This is printed in various places in your car such as the bottom corner of the windscreen on the passenger side, on your V5 registration document and may have been given to you on your delivery/handover paperwork.

    One method of adding your new car to your myAudi app is to key in the VIN or take a photo of it. Please follow the steps below if you have your VIN. To save you looking for your VIN, simply log in to your car’s MMI (infotainment system) using the same email address and password you used when setting up myAudi. This will add your vehicle to the app automatically, without the need to enter your VIN.

    To find out how to login to your car, please see "How do I connect my car?"

    Step-by-step instructions to add your VIN to myAudi
What do I use the key tag for?
  • What is a key user tag and how do I become a key user to unlock extra myAudi features?

    Your key tag contains a unique 10-digit number to add an extra layer of security so that only you can unlock additional myAudi features¹. Once you add this number into the cars MMI, you become the key user for the car. For step by step instructions on how to become a key user, please see "How do I connect my car?".

  • My key tag is missing, what do I do?

    If your car is key user enabled you should have received your key tag when you collected your car. If this is missing, please contact your local Audi centre who can request a replacement for you.

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How do I set up Audi Service Request?
  • With Audi Connect's Audi Service Request you'll never miss a service appointment again. Your car can automatically send vehicle and service data to your preferred Audi Centre so they can conveniently organise your service for you. If you haven't selected your Audi Centre yet, then you can search for one easily through the app.

    Step-by-step instructions to set up a service request
How do I view my car's manual in myAudi?
How do I get Wi-Fi hotspot in my car?
  • Wifi hotspot enables you to connect up to 8 devices to the internet from the comfort of your car, enabling you to stay connected with friends and family, enjoy games and entertainment, and conduct important business.

    In order to enable this feature, a data package must be purchased from our partner Cubic Telecom. Data packages are available for different lengths of time and different data allowances. Once purchased, the service can be used across Europe without additional charges, the car will automatically connect you to the local service provider.

    For full details and to check if your car is compatible, please go to

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