InnovationiPod® Compatibility

The key to always having thousands of songs with you in your Audi: the iPod® compatibility enables you to control the Apple iPod® conveniently like a CD changer. Switch between songs and playlists via the radio or the optional multifunction steering wheel.

iPod® Compatibility

Control the iPod® like a CD Changer
The iPod® compatibility is connected via the CD changer controls and is therefore identified by the radio or navigation system as a CD changer. iPod® tracks are consequently controlled in the same way as operating a CD changer, via the buttons on the radio or navigation system plus with MMIMMIReduced, simple, logical: the Multi Media Interface (MMI) elegantly combines the operation of all infotainment components in one display and operating system.MMI ® operating logic. It is not possible to operate a CD changer and iPod adapter simultaneously, because they both use the same connection on the radio.

Existing playlists on the iPod® are identified as CDs and displayed as CD1-CD5 in the changer controls. All tracks stored on the iPod® are identified as CD6. The iPod® compatibility is unable to process information stored on the iPod® for the artist, track, album and genre.

The current playlist, the track currently playing and the playing time of the track appear in the display of the radio or navigation system plus with MMI® operating logic.

Supported Players
All iPods® with dock connector, a 30-pin flat plug, can be connected up to the adapter of the iPod® compatibility. iPod® models without a dock connector, e.g. exclusively with a USB or Firewire connection, cannot be connected.

Audi Music Interface

The Audi music interfaceAudi music interfaceThousands of songs available at your fingertips: the Audi music interface integrates portable media players into the Audi MMI.Audi music interface offers a market-leading, unique and intelligent integration with the iPod®. Any iPod® Generation 4 and higher (iPod®, iPod® nano, iPod® photo) equipped with the Dock Connector may be connected to the supplied adapter cable. The main iPod® menu structure will be displayed on the MMI® screen. The central control knob on the MMI® panel, or the multifunction steering wheel controls, may be used to easily navigate through playlists, albums, artists, etc. The Audi music interface also charges the iPod® battery while it is connected.

New features that differentiate the Audi music interface system from other systems with MP3 compatibility include its adaptability with future generation devices. The Audi music interface uses a standardised 18-pin connector in the glovebox. The adapter cable with the iPod® Dock Connector is just the beginning; various adapters, including USB, are under future consideration.

  • The Audi music interface is available for the A1, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5 and Q7
  • Integrates iPod® menus into MMI® and instrument cluster displays
  • Displays Artist/Title information on MMI®
  • Fingertip control via MMI® or multifunction steering wheel
  • Installs in Glovebox (A1,A6,A8) or under centre armrest (Audi Q3, Q5, Q7) for easy access
  • Standardised connector - accepts various music player adapter cables
  • Additional Adapter Cables sold separately via Audi Accessories

The Audi music interface is available for the Audi A4, A5, A6, A8, Q5 and Q7.

Frequently asked questions:

Which iPod® models are compatible with the Audi music interface option?
The AMI-iPod adapter cable is compatible with Generation 4 and Generation 5 iPods®, the iPod® Nano and iPod® Photo models, all of which use the standardized Dock Connector.

I have an iPod® Shuffle. Is it compatible?
No. The iPod® Shuffle uses a USB connector instead of the standardized Dock Connector. AUDI AG is currently working on an USB adapter cable for this audio player.

My iPod® has a “Shuffle Songs” menu option. How can I play my songs in a random manner?

  • In the Control submenu (lower right softkey on MMI® controller), there is a Mix option. Select this and your songs will be randomised within the folder you select.
  • For example, if you are in an Artist folder, the songs of the selected artist will be played in a random order.
  • Select the All folder to shuffle all the songs on your player.

Can Audi music interface option be ordered with my Navigation plus, symphony, or concert radio?
No. AMI is only available in vehicles which have the MMI® system. Audi Accessories offers an iPod® Adapter kit for our other radios through your local Audi dealer.

How do I access my iPod® through the Audi music interface option menu?

  • To access the iPod® push the CD hardkey and then choose Source (upper right softkey on MMI® controller).
  • Choose Audi music interface as the source.
  • You may now operate your iPod® using the MMI® control knob or the controls on the multifunction steering wheel.