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Camera-based traffic sign recognition

Camera-based traffic sign recognition¹،² supports you in maintaining an overview of the jungle of traffic signs by displaying signs for, e.g., speed limits, no-overtaking areas and temporary speed limits.

Your transit time for Camera-based traffic sign recognition

For spontaneous

1 or 6


For planners

1 or 3


For the determined



1 test month³

6 month

1 year

3 years


from €43.25⁴

from €82.18⁴

from €224.91⁴

from €432.50⁴
The prices displayed in myAudi at the time of purchase are legally binding. Prices may vary depending on the vehicle and equipment.

This is how the traffic sign recognition works

Camera-based traffic sign recognition supports you by displaying traffic signs for, e.g., speed limits, no-overtaking areas and temporary speed limits that are detected within the system boundaries and located within the detection range of the front camera. The traffic sign recognition information is automatically displayed in the display of the digital instrument cluster, or in the optional Audi virtual cockpit. If desired, a personalisable speed warning can be activated, which visually warns the driver when the currently permitted speed is exceeded. Camera-based traffic sign recognition is purely for informational purposes.

Camera-based traffic sign recognition includes:

  • Detection and display of no-overtaking and speed limit signs, including temporary speed limits⁵
  • Detection of the start and end of motorways, major roads, towns and traffic-calmed areas and display of the corresponding speed limit
  • Situation-dependent display and evaluation in the event of wetness, daytime-dependent speed limits and road works and when driving with a trailer (only for factory-fitted trailer hitch)
Download the myAudi App and select your desired time for camera-based traffic sign recognition

Flexible term of use


Informed about speed limits, including those that depend on the time of day, in the wet or when driving with a trailer


Display is in the direct field of view

Booking conditions

The use of Camera based traffic sign recognition via Functions on Demand is possible in the following vehicles:
Audi A3 (ab MJ 2021).

You also will need:

  • a verified myAudi account as main or secondary user
  • Functions on Demand capability in the vehicle
  • a compatible iPhone or Android Smartphone⁶
Legal notice
Please note: The systems work only within system limits and assist with driving However, the driver remains responsible for driving the vehicle and is required to be attentive at all times. The system simply provides information.
Camera-based traffic sign recognition is available only in conjunction with MMI navigation plus with MMI touch.
The function can be booked once for the vehicle.
All prices include VAT.
The prices displayed in the myAudi app are legally binding at the time of purchase.
Availability of functions and functionality may vary depending on the country and the vehicle configuration.
Information about compatible mobile phones can be obtained from your Audi partner.