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The EU tyre label

The EU is pursuing the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Fuel-efficient tyres, among other things, can help drive this agenda forward. The EU tyre label is intended to provide you with orientation and facilitate your purchase decision.

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Introduction of the label

The goal: climate neutrality by 2050. In order to achieve this, the EU has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, reducing CO2 emissions from road traffic is crucial.

The use of fuel-efficient tyres can advance this mission and thus reduce emissions on the road. In order to support you and your purchase decision, the EU is introducing a new version of the EU tyre label on 1 May 2021.

What changes for you?

The EU tyre label creates the basis for a conscious decision for more fuel-efficient tyres. Both private and commercial end users can thus benefit in terms of cost and emission reduction. Improved wet grip increases road safety, and reduced pass-by noise can mitigate traffic-related noise.

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    Ice grip

    Tyres marked with this symbol are designed for road surfaces with a layer of ice or a solid snow cover.

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    Snow grip

    Tyres marked with this symbol are suitable for use in extreme snow conditions.

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    Rolling noise

    The rolling noise of tyres is measured in decibels (dB) and classified in three levels.

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    Wet grip

    The wet grip class provides information about the braking properties in wet weather conditions and ranges from A (highest safety) to E (lowest safety).

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    Fuel efficiency

    Depending on the rolling resistance, the fuel efficiency class of the tyres varies between

    > A are the most efficient tyres and save fuel

    > E are the least efficient tyres and consume the most fuel

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    Further notes

    Fuel consumption can be significantly reduced by driving in an environmentally friendly manner.

    To improve fuel efficiency and wet grip, it is important to regularly check the tyre pressure.

    The stopping distances must always be observed.

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Website of the EU commission

For more information on the EU Tyre Labelling Regulation, please visit the website of the European Commission.

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