Audi exclusive.
Personally yours.

Each year Audi sells more than one million vehicles. But it only sells one like the one you’ve ordered. How is that possible? With Audi exclusive. This makes your Audi unmistakable.

Combine selected inlays, coloured leather and a customised paint finish from the large selection of colours available from Audi exclusive to suit your personal wishes. The possible combinations with Audi exclusive are virtually unlimited. Your unique vehicle will be the result.

An individual vehicle for your unique personality. People who drive an Audi expect something special. Audi exclusive gives you the opportunity to create something special according to your personal taste. Let your imagination run wild.
Many steps in a process require a particularly fine tool: the human hand. Because people have an advantage over machines: sensitivity. Even the leather seams are mostly stitched by hand, creating the distinctive stitching pattern.
Leather upholstery and trim
No two pieces of leather are alike, a fact that perfectly fits in with the Audi exclusive philosophy. The attractive leather trims extend the range of interior options for the Audi S6 Avant. Create your own personalised ambience in your vehicle. Find out more
Audi exclusive inlays add additional shine to the interior of your Audi S6 Avant: sporty or exclusive – your taste determines the character. Find out more
Customised paint finishes
The golden hue of a sunset, the red of a fine wine – there are an infinite number of colours in the world. What would your ideal colour be? A customised Audi exclusive paint finish gives your Audi S6 Avant a truly exquisite touch that makes it unique. Find out more
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