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Meet the Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 combines the style of a luxury coupé with the practicality of a large SUV. Equipped with our very latest technology, the Q8 combines stunning good looks with off-road capability.

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  • With the four rings. 4.99 meters (16.4 ft) long, 2.00 meters (6.6 ft) wide and 1.71 meters (5.6 ft) tall, the SUV coupe is wider, shorter and lower than its Q7 sister model.

  • A light strip connects the units at the rear. As in the original Audi quattro, a black surface underlays this strip.

  • The Audi Q8 combines the elegance of a four-door luxury coupé with the practical versatility of a large SUV.

  • The elegantly sloping roofline terminates in gently inclined D-pillars and rests against the quattro blisters above the wheel arches, which house up to 22-inch wheels.

  • On the German market, the Audi Q8 comes standard with the top-of-the-line infotainment system, MMI navigation plus. It includes the Audi connect data transfer module with the LTE Advanced standard and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Richly equipped, comprehensively connected and tough enough for off-road duty, it is a confident companion for business and leisure.

  • The optional Audi connect key lets the driver lock/unlock the vehicle, and start the engine using a compatible Android smartphone.

  • Whether parking, in the city or on long journeys – the Audi Q8 supports its driver in many situations.

  • For growing challenges: With “Audi Original Zubehör“, you get proven safety even for the youngest passengers.

  • There is a three-seat system in the rear with longitudinally adjusting upon request. With the seatbacks folded down, the luggage compartment under the power rear hatch holds up to 1,755 liters (62.0 cu ft).

  • An example of the attention to detail: the entry ledges on the door sills underline the high quality of the Audi Q8.

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Experience quattro drive and air suspension

Audi is quattro and quattro is Audi – this of course applies in particular to the Q8. The mechanical centre differential transfers the forces to the front and rear axles at a ratio of 40:60. The suspension makes a crucial contribution to the precise handling. The five-link front and rear suspensions are made largely of aluminium, delivering a precise and accurate drive.

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Simplicity is the new premium: the interior

The upper MMI touch response display is the central element of the interior of the Audi Q8. With its black-panel look, it almost dissolves into a large, black surface when switched off. The slender dashboard and the clean lines with a strong horizontal focus give the impression of width. All elements have a logical connection and harmonise with one another: from the “wrap around” – the large arch running from the front doors across the instrument panel – to the operating unit for the lighting, which is finished in a black-panel look with a touch surface. These features combined give the interior a feeling of calm and clarity.

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Clever networking

The Q8 comes with MMI navigation plus while Audi connect services include predictive features, route planning and voice control.

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Ambient light

In the dark, the optional contour light traces the distinctive design lines of the interior and provides backlight for the three dimensionally lasered quattro badge above the glove compartment – an example of the attention to detail at Audi.

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Identity: the light

The Q8 headlights include the benefits of HD Matrix LED lights as standard. Each headlight unit consists of 24 individual LEDs. Not only do these lights feature the dynamic front and rear turn signal, they also feature an impressive light show when the Q8 is locked and unlocked. Future integration with the myAudi app will allow the activation of various lighting functions from a smartphone.

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More safety: assistant systems

Whether parking, driving in the city or travelling on long journeys, the assistance systems in the Q8 have everything covered. These include adaptive cruise control, efficiency assist, crossing assist, lane change warning, curb warning and 360 degree cameras. Behind all of these features is the central driver assistance controller, which continuously scans the surroundings and uses this information to manage the assistance systems. This information is obtained through five radar sensors, six cameras, twelve ultrasound sensors and a laser scanner. This is why we say the Q8 is intelligently connected.

Tradition meets innovation

Subtle lines and clear contours combine to give an expressive design with features of the original Audi quattro.

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