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The interior of the new Audi Q2.

Wide-opening doors and a high door sill that is typical of SUVs offer convenient entry into the interior that provides space for five people. The driver sits in a sporty, low position relative to the steering wheel, like in an Audi saloon, but still enjoys the good visibility of an SUV.

Compact but not at the expense of space

The luggage compartment can handle 405 litres of cargo, and luggage capacity increases to a full 1,050 litres when the rear bench seatback is folded. Options include a power tailgate and a three-way split of the rear bench backrests. The middle segment also serves as a large cargo pass-through – practical for transporting skis or shelving.
Sophisticated interior

Audi virtual cockpit and Head-up-Display

Another highlight is the Audi virtual cockpit whose 12.3-inch screen shows highly detailed, brilliant graphics and offers two display modes: One focuses on the tachometer and speedometer, and the other emphasizes infotainment and/or navigation data. In addition to the Audi virtual cockpit and top infotainment system, a third technology from the full-size class has been implemented – the head-up display. It projects important information onto a glass panel in the driver’s direct visual field. This information can include navigation data, the vehicle speed and warning messages.


In the elaborately crafted interior, customers also have many ways to express their personal style. Colors like yellow, orange and red may be selected for decorative trim and certain areas of the seats. The trim is also available in white plastic or brushed aluminum. Seat upholstery choices range from high-end fabrics to fine Nappa leather.

At night, the optional LED lighting package makes the interior especially attractive. In the top version, LED light strips illuminate the sculpturally formed trim at the front of the instrument panel and the knee pads with homogeneous light. Ten colors are available.