Audi connect in the Audi Q5*

Numerous Audi connect services are available to you in your Audi Q5. With the Audi connect emergency call & service package you have access to the online roadside assistance and incident assistance services, among others, and also have the option of retrieving relevant driving data using the myAudi app. The Audi connect navigation and infotainment package not only helps you with navigation, but also ensures that entertainment during the journey is not neglected. Configure your desired model now with Audi connect.

Audi connect for your Audi Q5
Audi connect navigation & infotainment
Online traffic information
Online information on the current traffic situation allows for better route calculation.
Online search for navigation destinations
Search for a term online and directly adopt the addresses you find as navigation destinations.
Online points of interest
Provides useful additional information about points of interest, such as the current occupancy rates of car park buildings, or filling station fuel prices.
Hazard alerts
Provides real-time information on breakdowns, accidents, ice and fog that obstructs vision.
Wi-Fi hotspot
Enables wireless Internet access via a Wi-Fi hotspot. In the rear, use a mobile device to access information or surf the Internet. You will receive the necessary data packages from Audi partner cubic telecom.
Access to calendar
Conveniently display your appointments on your MMI and easily adopt them as navigation destinations.
Online news
Online news allows current reports and news from all over the world to be displayed and read directly in the vehicle.
Weather information
Accurate hourly weather forecasts for the next 2 days, including severe weather warnings.
High-detail 3D city view*
Orientation is made easier thanks to detailed 3D views of models of buildings.
myAudi navigation
Allows routes and destinations (from smartphone or PC) to be seamlessly synchronised and continued with using the in-vehicle navigation system. In addition, destinations from the myAudi app can be sent directly to the vehicle.
Online traffic information plus
In addition to online traffic information: lane-specific traffic flow data on motorways - in the area of exits and intersections - as well as for inner-city intersections; display of lane closures on the MMI display.
On-street parking
Indicates the likelihood of finding a free parking space along certain streets.
Navigation with Google Satellite Map™*
Simplifies orientation by using high-resolution aerial and satellite images.
Online speech input
Free dictation of emails and text messages. Improved quality of results and recognition rate thanks to online correlation of the voice input.
Amazon Alexa integration
Interaction with Amazon Alexa, control of smart home devices.
Online radio
Access to globally available online radio stations.
Hybrid radio
Listen to your favourite station anytime, anywhere – even when leaving the terrestrial broadcasting area.
User profiles
By creating a user for the vehicle, a variety of settings, such as ergonomic, infotainment or lighting settings can be stored in a personal user profile.
Audi connect emergency call & service
Audi Emergency call
Automatically triggers an emergency call in the event of a serious accident and provides personal assistance via voice connection until help is available on site.
Online roadside assistance
In the event of a breakdown: establish a voice connection with "Audi help" via the service call button.
Audi incident assistance
Support for the customer from the Audi incident assistance service when settling claims.
Audi service request
Informs the service partner selected by the customer of any due service appointments. Proactively initiates the arrangement of appointments.
Online Car Care
Early notifications of necessary service requirements are shown in the vehicle. Warnings or messages about upcoming repairs and services are also displayed in myAudi.
Audi connect remote & control
Vehicle status
Provides information about, e.g., tank capacity, mileage, door status and temperature – at a glance.
Remote lock/unlock
Lock and unlock the vehicle via the smartphone app.
Remote carfinder
The vehicle's parking position is displayed on the map in the myAudi app.
Remote auxiliary heating
If your Audi is equipped with auxiliary heating, this can be controlled remotely using the myAudi app. Not only via the limited-range remote control key, but from any location, via your smartphone.
Theft alarm notification
A push notification is sent via the myAudi app if the optional theft alarm has been triggered.
Audi connect: special fittings
Audi connect key
Your smartphone turns into a digital car key. Using NFC, the vehicle can be unlocked and started with certain smartphones.
Audi connect data connection in your Audi

Data connection in the vehicle

Use of the wireless Internet connection via Wi-Fi hotspot as well as the online radio, hybrid radio and online streaming media services, and all other services offered via the myAudi App, is enabled by the SIM card that is permanently installed in the vehicle (Audi connect SIM) together with a chargeable data plan from the Audi provider "Cubic". You can book the data packages in Cubic Telecom's online shop, via your myAudi account or via the MMI system in your car*. Alternatively, for some models, you can use your own SIM card in the car and connect to Wi-Fi via your mobile phone provider. If an external SIM card is inserted into the card slot or connected via rSAP**, then all data connections will be established via this external SIM card, both for the Audi connect services and for the Wi-Fi hotspot. For further information, please contact your Audi partner.

* The ability to book via the MMI system in your vehicle will depend on the model. Information is available from your Audi partner.
** The SIM access profile (rSAP) is a Bluetooth data transmission protocol. It allows the SIM card that is permanently installed in the vehicle to establish a connection via Bluetooth with the SIM card of a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

To the Audi provider "Cubic"
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    Audi connect for your Audi Q5

    Are you interested in an Audi Q5? Every day with the Audi Q5, you experience the manifold possibilities of groundbreaking technologies once again. The Audi connect data transmission module connects your Q5 to the Internet via a super-fast LTE network. Numerous tailor-made services from Audi connect are available to use: for even more comfort and fun while driving. Configure your desired model now with the digital services from Audi connect.

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    Clever all throughout your daily life: the myAudi app

    With the myAudi app you can retrieve important information on, e.g., your fuel level, range or oil level directly on your mobile device, conveniently programme the air conditioning via remote control according to your wishes, or simply open and close your vehicle from afar. With the myAudi app, you can keep an eye on everything, and your Audi is always with you.

    Detailed information is available here
The availabilities shown here always refer to the latest available model year. For information on older model years, please refer to the log book of your Audi or contact your Audi partner.