City events

The event service helps in the search for popular locations. Concerts, theaters, sporting events, cinemas, clubs, and attractions can be searched for, among others. The smart search function knows the address, the air-line distance from your location, and the starting times of the event.



  • lists up-to-date information on local events
  • supplies additional information such as ticket hotlines
  • allows direct navigation to the event


What you need to use Audi connect

  • Audi connect Navigation and Infotainment option
  • with integrated SIM card (for A3, A4, A5, Q2, Q5, Q7)
  • with its own SIM card (A6, A7, TT, R8)


What is the search radius of City events?
The search radius can be re-selected with each search. Available: at the current location, at the destination, or at a freely selected location.
What search categories does City events offer?
There are several search categories to choose from. These include, among others, concerts, art and culture, sports, family, and nightlife.
What search results does City events provide?
City events lists events and delivers the stored information, such as a description, the starting time of the event, the address, and a phone number if applicable.