Access to Twitter

Do you like to tweet? No problem, simply connect your Twitter account to Audi connect and you will not miss any news with the built-in read-only function. If you want to share something yourself, you can chat with the online community simply using text building blocks.



  • comfortable reading-out-loud service
  • more safety when driving using text building blocks
  • available online at any time


What you need to use Audi connect

  • Audi connect Navigation and Infotainment option
  • with integrated SIM card (for A3, A4, A5, Q2, Q5, Q7)
  • with its own SIM card (A6, A7, TT, R8)
  • myAudi account and pairing with vehicle


Why can Twitter not be selected within the framework of Audi connect or why does the service appear "greyed out"?
For the use of some Audi connect services – such as Twitter – you must log in with your myAudi account in the vehicle.
What kind of Twitter features can be used?
Similar to the internet platform, the following Twitter features are available: Tweets, Home, Following, Followers. A read-out-loud function allows a convenient use of the service.
How does Twitter work in the car?
A Twitter account is required to use Twitter as part of Audi connect. This must be created on the internet platform Twitter. The configuration is done with the Twitter account via the myAudi account. In the last step of the configuration, you connect the vehicle and the myAudi account via the Audi connect "Login" menu in the MMI of the vehicle.