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Audi electric kick scooter

The new Audi electric kick scooter powered by Segway

Discover your city with the new Audi electric kick scooter powered by Segway. With an impressive range of up to 65 km*, the city is yours.

Its wide-ranging features are designed to ensure a dynamic and comfortable riding experience and include:

  • Three riding modes: Sport, Eco and Standard, each designed to offer a particular type of ride and with a speed of up to 20 km/h
  • Pedestrian mode for simply pushing the scooter while walking alongside
  • Bell, side reflectors as well as both front and rear LED lights
  • Full-colour LED display that shows details of riding speed, selected riding mode, battery status, Bluetooth connectivity or upcoming maintenance requirements
  • A drum brake (front) as well as an electronic, regenerative brake (back) which improves range
  • Tubeless air-filled tyres with additional internal coating reduce the likelihood of tears and punctures
  • Can handle inclines of up to 20%
  • Small, convenient charging cable for top-up charging while underway
  • Certified water resistance of frame and component parts
  • Smart battery management system with built-in protective mechanisms like short-circuit protection, two-way charge and discharge protection, as well as surge and temperature protection

Just flip it open, give it a nudge and your Audi electric kick scooter powered by Segway is ready to go – to discover your city a whole new way.

* Actual range may deviate and is determined by riding style and route covered.