What is Audi Complete Drive? Audi Complete Drive is a service plan with a difference! Unlike other market offerings, Audi’s plan gives complete peace of mind without the complex restrictions and range anxiety of other plans.

Simply pick your plan and enjoy hassle free driving for 120,000kms or 5 years, whichever comes first.
What is covered? For new vehicles there are two plan options: Complete Drive and Complete Drive Plus. Below is an overview of what service items are covered for each plan. No additional terms and conditions; all items are replaced as required unless otherwise indicated.
Audi complete Drive Replacement Criteria
Oil Change Service
As per vehicle display
Inspection Service
As per vehicle display
Air Filter Replacement
As required
Pollen Filter Replacement
As required
Spark Plugs Replacement
As required - Petrol Models
Fuel Filter Replacement
As required - Diesel Models
Automatic Gear oil Change
As required - S-Tronic / Multi Tronic Models
Ad Blue - Refill
At any time when the warning light indicates a top up is needed
Brake Fluid Change
As required
Roadside Assistance with home-start
Complementary for the duration of the plan
Audi Complete Drive Plus
(all of the Audi Complete Drive features and in addition)
Replacement Criteria
As required - only in combination with a service
Clutch kit & Flywheel
If required - MAX 1 change per plan
Brake Pads
As per vehicle display or when advised by an Audi Dealer
Brake Discs
As per vehicle display or when advised by an Audi Dealer

Why should I buy a Complete Drive Service Plan?

  1. Value for money – The cost of the plan offers a minimum 50% cost saving over pay as you go servicing and maintenance.
  2. Maintain your Audi’s warranty – Carrying out your scheduled servicing with an Audi authorised repairer is the only way to guarantee you Audi’s warranty cover is maintained.
  3. Variable Payment options – See “How can I pay for Audi Complete Drive?”
  4. Roadside assistance – The Audi Complete Drive plans include an Audi Assistance package with Home-Start and European breakdown coverage for the duration of the plan.
  5. Hassle free booking – All Complete Drive service appointments can be booked at your convenience via www.AudiService.ie
  6. Software updates – Regular updates to your Audi’s operating units free of charge during a visit
  7. Residual Value – Audis maintained to manufactures specification or traded in with a period of the Complete Drive plan remaining, may command a better residual value than those without.
How can I activate Audi Complete Drive? Audi Complete Drive is a part of the specification of your Audi, thus for new vehicles it must be ordered as an option in combination with your vehicle order. It is not possible to retro fit Complete Drive. As Complete Drive is a part of your vehicle’s specification it is easily identified in all our systems so you can rest assured that you will have hassle free administration with our dealer network for service work and also when considering your vehicle as a future trade-in.
How can I pay for Audi Complete Drive? Audi Complete drive can be purchased via Audi Finance (Volkswagen Bank Ireland GMBH). Audi Finance are pleased to offer all Complete Drive plans attract 0% APR meaning no hidden costs for you. Audi Complete Drive can be purchased via Audi Finance in two ways.

1. Monthly repayments – finance your plan over 36 months
2. Once off payment

For ease of administration you can choose to have your Complete Drive payment processed along with your monthly P.C.P. (personal Contract Plan) or H.P. (Hire Purchase) payment. This means one total deduction per month if you choose.
How much does it cost?
Below is the total and monthly costs* for Complete Drive and Complete Drive Plus. Pricing is per model regardless of engine capacity, transmission or fuel type. Audi Sport models (S,RS and R8) and TT models are excluded from Audi Complete Drive.