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We understand that trust, transparency and convenience are important to you. That’s why we have developed AudiCam:

AudiCam is a revolutionary online service that gives you complete transparency about the work we recommend for your vehicle.

Here is how it works

Take your car to your local Audi dealer for service or maintenance and request the Audi Cam service.

Audi Cam Service is currently available at Audi Naas, Audi North Dublin, Audi Centre, Audi Limerick, Audi Wexford and Audi Galway.
If we find points that require your attention while inspecting your Audi, an Audi trained technician will record a quick video and commentary describing the work which needs to be carried out on your car.
Within minutes we will send you an email containing a link to the video and a text message including a secure PIN.
Using your PIN you can view the video on your mobile device or computer, so you will see exactly what work we recommend to be carried out on your car and how much it will cost to maintain your Audi.
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If you are happy for us to proceed, you can approve the work right away – simply click the button and we will get started, or alternatively, request a call back for more information from one of our Audi service advisers. audiservice-320x160.jpg

Book and even pay online for your service

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